Classification of wine Cups

- Apr 07, 2017 -

The wine cups are divided into red wine cups, liquor cups and champagne cups by means of a large class of sub-methods. The subdivision is used to include Bordeaux goblet, Burgundy Wine Cup, Rhine goblet, Sherry Glass and so on. 1. Red wine Cup, Bordeaux wine glass diameter is narrower, the capacity of 170CC around the best. 2. Burgundy goblet is a wider tulip cup at the bottom of the cup. 3. In Liquor Cup, burgundy cup waist is slightly bigger than red wine, is plump. 4. Another kind of sherry wine glass, for the volume of 50CC of small glass. 5. Enjoy the bubble wine can choose a small diameter and a narrow glass of the Champagne Cup, to watch the bubble rise of the scene; or can choose a wide range of shallow dish cups.

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