Buy Kitchen Glassware To Discern Material

- Apr 07, 2017 -

 At present, household life in the consumer often exposed to the glass containers are mainly ordinary glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glasses three categories. Ordinary glass can not be used in high temperature heating (oven, microwave oven) environment; Tempered glass is made by ordinary sodium calcium glass by tempering the improvement of resistance to mechanical impact performance of the product, its heat-resistant impact of increased limited; the heat-resisting glass is mostly boron silicon Glass series, also including Microcrystalline glass and other varieties, because of different chemical composition, so the structure is also different from ordinary glass or tempered glass, boron-si glasses thermal expansion coefficient is small, has a good temperature and heat resistance to the characteristics of hot and cold rapid change, Suitable for food processing containers in the kitchen, can be directly into the microwave oven and use. Kitchen heat-resistant glass products mainly include heat-resistant tableware, heat preservation box and cooking utensils, can be divided into open flame, fire two uses. Ultra low expansion coefficient of heat-resistant glass, such as microcrystalline glass, its thermal impact strength up to 400 ℃ above, mainly for direct fire heating, cooking and withstanding sharp heating and cooling occasions; fire glass products, heat shock strength for 120 ℃ above, mainly used in heating cooking occasions, such as oven, microwave oven, is also the current market ** common heat-resistant glass products, such as borosilicate glass.45.jpg

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